New Residential

Our focus is to provide the highest quality work while bringing your dream home to life. Our commitment is to create a building experience that seeks nothing less than your absolute happiness.

Building Process

The building process for a new home in Florida can vary depending on the location, size of the home, and the type of construction desired. Once the designing, planning and permitting process is completed, the fun really begins! Here’s the process:

Site preparation

Our first step is to ensure that environmental protections are in place. This involves silt fencing to protect against runoff and tree barricades to protect living trees throughout the build. Then we will clear the land, grade the site, and install the foundation.

Exterior Walls

Once the foundation is complete, our tradesmen will begin framing or forming the exterior walls in masonry block or wood, based on the design. This exciting step is where the structure starts to take shape. We will add the roof system and close in the exterior walls, so that work on the interior can begin.


After the framing is complete, our experienced team of electricians, plumbers, and heating and air conditioning experts will install the electrical, plumbing, and cooling and heating (HVAC) systems. We will work with you to ensure that each placement is just right for your new home.

Exterior Finish

We start with installing the required water barriers, then exterior windows and doors to protect your home for years to come. Once the windows and doors are in place, we install your exterior finish, such as siding or stucco based on your design.

Insulation and Drywall

Our insulation team will install insulation in the walls and attic to improve energy efficiency and meet Florida Building Codes. Then, the drywall will be hung and finished.

Interior Trimout

After the drywall is complete, the carpentry team will install the flooring, tile, cabinets, doors, trim and fixtures.

Final Touches

We will do a walk through to create a final punch list and complete any final touches. Our goal is to ensure we have met both our standard of craftsmanship and your expectations fully.


Throughout the building process, we will schedule inspections to ensure that the construction meets the local building codes and regulations. The length of time to build a new home in Florida can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the availability of materials and labor.


See what Shelby Construction customers have to say about their experience.

“The Shelby Construction team did a fantastic job on my home renovation. We bought an older home which we knew needed a serious amount of work due to pests, mold, electrical issues and water intrusion in addition to being just plain dated. Think wood paneling and yellow laminate counters. We ended up gutting the house down to studs and rebuilding it with all new plumbing, AC, electrical, drywall etc. Shaun and his crew were very solution oriented and professional and made sure all of the work exceeded even my picky standards. I now have my dream home to raise my family in thanks to the Shelby team.”



“I used Shelby for a repair on my house in order to close on it as well as the full renovation after we purchased it. We moved walls, and adjusted load bearing members, framed stuff, new electrical, plumbing, basically everything so it wasn’t necessarily a simple job. Shaun and Shaun were great to work with and communicated very clearly the whole time and we got what we wanted. Great experience – definitely recommend.”