Fox – Clearwater, FL

Project Overview

In 2021, Shelby Construction undertook a project that proved to be an unexpected road to transformation but magnificent in the end. We had clients coming from California with a dream in mind and oh what a journey we would all go on to make it happen!

Take a look ahead and see what and how this all came together…

Property Details

Year Renovated:          2021

Square Footage:         3,930

Style:      English Tutor


Finding your dream home in another state can be a daunting task, but when our clients found this home they knew it was perfect. They knew renovations were necessary, but never dreamt the magnitude of the journey they would take to get there. Once the Shelby Construction team got started, it was full throttle ahead to give them the dream they were seeking!


As the team dove into this project a significant challenge emerged: a house plagued by water intrusion on its exterior, leading to extensive mold and organic growth within its interior walls. This posed not only structural concerns but also potential health risks for the occupants.

To address this challenge head-on, our team devised a comprehensive solution that involved gutting the house down to its studs. This approach was essential to not only eliminate the existing mold and organic growth but also to ensure that the root cause of the water intrusion was effectively identified and remedied.


We embraced a challenging task and in the end, we successfully restored the integrity of the house, ensuring that it was not only structurally sound but also free from the threat of mold and water intrusion. The final result, a home our clients are proud of and love!