TXL – Clearwater, FL

Project Overview

In 2022, Shelby Construction took on an exhilarating commercial project, tasked with transforming a vast 4,000-square-foot open area into a specialized workspace for a boutique production company on the move.

Finding the ideal location was just the first step in a series of challenges to overcome. Intrigued?

Continue reading to learn how this cross-state journey culminated in a perfect new home for the business.

Property Details

Year Renovated:          2022

Square Footage:         >4,000

Style:         Commercial


Moving your whole business to another state can be exciting and these clients embraced it fully! The business owner knew what he was looking for and Shelby Construction got to work. We took what once was a completely open area and turned it into an amazing space for this business owner’s boutique production company.


During the process, the first hurdle to overcome was finding the right location. Shelby Construction walked multiple places with the client until the perfect one was found.


What started as a journey across the nation, turned into this business owner’s perfect landing. Ready, set, action!