Cove – Clearwater, FL

Project Overview

In 2020, Shelby Construction undertook a transformative project: to convert a home spanning 1,400 square feet into a serene haven that reflected the owner’s journey through life changes. This project was not just about renovating a house but about creating a space that truly resonated with the client’s vision and personal journey.

Interested in the Whole Story?

Dive into the details below to discover how Shelby Construction overcame obstacles and delivered a home that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Property Details

Year Renovated:          2020

Square Footage:          3,440

Style:         California Contemporary


This home had so much potential and with the client’s goals in mind, Shelby Construction worked with them to make it happen! The goal was not simply to renovate a house, but to craft a space that deeply resonated with the client’s vision and personal journey.


This project presented unexpected challenges, including the need to unify separate spaces within the house, address wood rot and damage, and install a seawall to stabilize the backyard. These challenges required innovative solutions and a flexible approach to ensure the project’s success.

Despite the challenges, Shelby Construction adapted swiftly, developing a comprehensive plan that involved closing in a breezeway to unify the house. This approach was driven by our commitment to not only meet but exceed the client’s expectations.


Through meticulous planning and precise execution, Shelby Construction successfully transformed the house into a cohesive and harmonious living space. The project stands as a testament to our ability to turn challenges into triumphs, delivering a dream home that mirrors the client’s journey through life changes.