Grove – Dunedin, FL

Project Overview

In 2021, Shelby Construction faced an inspiring challenge: transform a Ranch-style home spanning 1,400 square feet into a serene haven that mirrors the owner’s journey through life changes.

Amid unexpected roadblocks, we adapted swiftly to not only meet but exceed the client’s expectations. Interested in the whole story?

Dive into the details below to find out how we turned challenges into triumphs, delivering the client’s dream home.

Property Details

Year Renovated:          2021

Square Footage:          >1,400

Style:         Ranch


This client was going through some major changes in life and decided to turn this house into her dream home. She came to Shelby Construction with a desire to move quickly and to create a totally new space reflecting her new life.


With any home renovation, there will be some surprises and this project was no different. As the drywall was removed, it was discovered that terminates had been eating through the entire wood framing. Shelby immediately let the homeowner know that it would be taken care of and future protection measures would be provided.


In the end, Shelby brought the client’s dream home to life!