Freedom – Clearwater, FL

Project Overview

In 2022, Shelby Construction embarked on a mission to turn a dream into reality in a quaint HOA community in Clearwater. Tasked with constructing three expansive townhomes—each exceeding 2,500 square feet—the aim was clear-cut: to establish inviting sanctuaries for family gatherings.

Faced with intricate HOA regulations and unique site challenges, we navigated each obstacle with precision.

The result? Three meticulously crafted townhomes now cherished by families building lifelong memories. Keep reading to discover how we overcame the hurdles and fulfilled the vision.

Property Details

Year Built:          2022

Square Footage:         >2,500

Style:         Townhouse New Build


After finding the perfect lot in Clearwater, this investor came to Shelby Construction with the desire to build three beautiful townhomes. The goal was simple: create spaces where families can gather and enjoy spending time with each other.


Building in an area with a homeowners association means you must meet design specifications such as roof tile, exterior colors, and landscaping. We worked closely with the property manager to ensure we communicated with the HOA president to provide confidence that we would carefully and meticulously follow their guidelines.

Another part of the challenge that was overcome was where the lot was located. In this beautiful HOA community, parking was a challenge. We worked with the power company to use a service road and access the property from the rear. This allowed us to keep trade vehicles off the road and away from the neighbors homes.


These three units, now completed, are filled with families and friends creating memories that will last a lifetime.