Commercial Renovations

We understand time is of the essence when you are expanding your business or launching a new venture. Our renovation services are tailored to each client’s needs. We work in the most efficient manner possible to meet deadlines, keep costs manageable and ensure the finished product is of the highest quality.

The commercial process is:

Design and Concepts

We spend time working with you on your business’ needs and space layouts for the renovation. We will assist with planning and designs as well as architectural and structural engineering for the permitting process.


With commercial projects, the permitting process may involve simple permitting of the space or it may include change of occupancy along with construction permitting. Our team will work with you on both components to ensure that the permitting process is as smooth as possible.

Demo and Site Preparation

Once permits are approved, we will begin with the demolition of the space(s) that are being transformed. We will set up site protection as needed to protect the workspace and neighbors. Our team will work with traffic flow, building guidelines and other considerations to ensure that the space is ready for rebuilding.

Build Back

Once the area has been demolished per the plans, we will begin with the build back. We will start with the systems of the buildings such as framing, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Once these are completed, we will move over to finishes.


Once the systems are installed, we will begin interior and exterior finishes. This will start with insulation, drywall and the first coat of paint. From here, cabinets, doors and other finishes will be added. On the exterior we will do any touch ups to the facade, stucco or other exteriors, then paint and install any business signs or outdoor lighting per your project.

Final Touches

We will do a walk through to create a final punch list and complete any final touches required. Our goal is to ensure we have met both our standard of craftsmanship and your expectations fully.


Your business is uniquely yours with its own style, branding and colors. Our team will ensure that your newly renovated space will fit your business’ form and function.

Our commercial uniqueness is due to the planning and implementation experience our team brings to each project. If your site has particularly challenging working conditions, we work to find the best and safest way to move the project forward without sacrificing quality. With so many moving parts to coordinate, we make sure our clients have a thorough understanding of the construction process while providing strong communication at all times.


See what Shelby Construction customers have to say about their experience.

“The Shelby Construction team did a fantastic job on my home renovation. We bought an older home which we knew needed a serious amount of work due to pests, mold, electrical issues and water intrusion in addition to being just plain dated. Think wood paneling and yellow laminate counters. We ended up gutting the house down to studs and rebuilding it with all new plumbing, AC, electrical, drywall etc. Shaun and his crew were very solution oriented and professional and made sure all of the work exceeded even my picky standards. I now have my dream home to raise my family in thanks to the Shelby team.”



“I used Shelby for a repair on my house in order to close on it as well as the full renovation after we purchased it. We moved walls, and adjusted load bearing members, framed stuff, new electrical, plumbing, basically everything so it wasn’t necessarily a simple job. Shaun and Shaun were great to work with and communicated very clearly the whole time and we got what we wanted. Great experience – definitely recommend.”