Design Build

At Shelby Construction, our approach emphasizes collaboration and transparent communication to keep everyone well informed. As we work through the desired design of your project, we can identify issues before they become problems, overcome complex challenges, and uncover opportunities to improve delivery.

Getting To Know Each Other

Once we receive your inquiry, we’ll give you a call to discuss your needs and vision. We’ll then schedule a time to come out and sit down together to discuss the project’s scope, budget, and timeline.

Based on our initial meeting, we’ll work out what is needed to transform vision to plans. Our team will propose the right steps and create a tailored proposal for the design work.

The Design Details

With a signed Design Agreement, our design team will visit with you to dig into the details of your project and evaluate your existing space and conditions. Our initial meetings will allow us to gather the information needed to begin with layouts or drawings for your project. Our design team will then take all of this information and begin concept drawings.

Design to Engineering

Once concept drawings are approved, we will add the final touches to the drawings and bring them to the engineer. The engineer will review the layouts and provide any recommendations on the structural elements.


The engineer will work up a full permit-ready set of plans. With these in hand, we will begin to get final quotes for your project and move it into permitting. In some cases, with commercial projects, we may also involve an architect for key planning such as life safety and change in occupancy. Our goal is to provide a full set of plans that can be approved by your local municipality.


All successful construction starts with designs and planning. We understand that every project and vision is unique. Planning is a crucial step that is often overlooked. With proper planning, all projects move faster, save costs, and have better results.


See what Shelby Construction customers have to say about their experience.

“The Shelby Construction team did a fantastic job on my home renovation. We bought an older home which we knew needed a serious amount of work due to pests, mold, electrical issues and water intrusion in addition to being just plain dated. Think wood paneling and yellow laminate counters. We ended up gutting the house down to studs and rebuilding it with all new plumbing, AC, electrical, drywall etc. Shaun and his crew were very solution oriented and professional and made sure all of the work exceeded even my picky standards. I now have my dream home to raise my family in thanks to the Shelby team.”



“I used Shelby for a repair on my house in order to close on it as well as the full renovation after we purchased it. We moved walls, and adjusted load bearing members, framed stuff, new electrical, plumbing, basically everything so it wasn’t necessarily a simple job. Shaun and Shaun were great to work with and communicated very clearly the whole time and we got what we wanted. Great experience – definitely recommend.”